Andreas Kock

Andreas Kock is primarily a fashion photographer, but with an auteur edge that emphasises his intensely energetic attention to colour and dramatic detail. Inspired by iconic painter of the early 20th century Edward Hopper, and such photographers as Richard Avedon and Philip Lorca diCorcia, Kock invites his viewers to take part in a mysterious scenario, using their imagination to complete the scene he has staged. Kock’s Stalker series pays tribute to the legendary Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Rear Window. In his voyeuristic vignettes, Kock’s female subjects appear to not know they are being seen, with props around them adding to the tension and clues to their stories with gorgeous stylisation.

Andreas Kock works extensively with high profile editorials for magazines such as Bon, Plaza, Glamour and Tush, and commercially for brands the likes of JC, Don Donna and Saab.



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