Charitable Donation: Ukraine Crisis

Together with the generosity of our members, we are pleased to have raised almost £50,000 in aid of the humanitarian crisis that continues to unfold in Ukraine.

An optional £2 donation has been added to dining bills in the Brasserie and Kyubi throughout April, May and June 2022, with the final amount matched by The Arts Club. It has been incredible to see the generosity and empathy of our community in coming together for an important cause, and the money raised has been donated to three charities providing emergency relief and support to those in need.

Since conflict began in February 2022, it is predicted that over 13 million people (over 1/4 of Ukraine’s population) have fled their homes in Ukraine, eight million of which have been displaced and remain within the country. With the conflict affecting millions and continuing to devastate the lives of many, there is still plenty of work to be done. If you would like to learn more or make a personal donation, further details of the charities we’re working with can be found below.


Disaster Emergency Committee (DEC)

Having raised a total of £13.5million since February 2022 for their dedicated Ukraine Appeal, DEC have been supporting civilians in a multitude of ways. They have been able to help provide primary healthcare services, such as trauma and first aid kits, incubators, oxygen compressors and vital pharmaceutical products.

DEC are also dedicated to providing essential food provisions, safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene kits in addition to shelter, bedding, blankets, towels and kitchen sets. For those directly affected by the trauma, DEC are able to provide psychosocial support, with a particular focus on supporting women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities.
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Voices of Children

Voices of Children work to provide psychological support for children and parents who have witnessed war. The charity helps provide basic necessities like food, clothing and housing for displaced families, in addition to rehabilitation and educational opportunities.
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Ukrainian Women’s Fund (UWF)

UWF work tirelessly to help women caught in the crisis of war and mitigate its impact on their future. The charity partner with existing organisations and coalitions who support Ukrainian women during peace time, so they have the right connections to make sure funds are well spent and make a real difference at this pivotal time.

The money raised will help to collect and distribute humanitarian aid, build shelters, coordinate the transit of displaced people, organise medical and psychological support for victims and witnesses of military aggression and create systems to collect and transmit information that will save lives.
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